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Custom Pennants & Buntings

You say pennant, I say bunting

Pennants and buntings, buntings and pennants . . . What’s the difference? As it turns out, the difference is purely linguistic. In British English and American English, “pennant” and “bunting” refer to slightly different types of flags.

In the United Kingdom, this is a bunting:

example of union jack buntings in UK

In the US, we’d more likely refer to such an item as “pennants” or “a string of pennants”.  A bunting, meanwhile, would be this (below). These, apparently, are not widely used in the UK and they don’t really have a common name there.example of american buntings

Regardless of the terminology, Denver Print Company can create both custom pennants and custom buntings for any occasion. (For practical reasons, let’s stick to the American terminology going forward.)

Let’s celebrate

Pennants and buntings are most commonly associated with parties and celebrations, such as birthdays, weddings, graduations, barbecues, and retirements. They also have an amazing ability to make any type of event more festive. Imagine hanging strings of custom pennants around your booth at your next trade show. Many passersby will be subconsciously drawn to the flags simply because they associate them fun and having a good time.

Custom Buntings

Buntings suggest a more formal celebration. The most common bunting designs are based on the American flag, These buntings can be frequently seen as decorations Independence Day and are hung in baseball stadiums for the World Series. Our professional design team would love to help you to “think outside the box” and create a bunting design different from the traditional stars and stripes motif.

Felt Custom Pennants

familiar looking sports custom pennantPennants do not necessarily need to be strung together, of course. Denver Print can also print custom single pennants. These are usually rendered on felt and are commonly used to cheer on athletic teams. These custom pennants roll up for easy portability and are great for schools, organized sports teams, game-watching parties, and to give as party favors at any type of party. Design your own pennant for your favorite professional team, and we’ll bring it to life!

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