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Flatter, Stronger, Greener, Better

As rigid as Gatorboard, as economical as foam board … and it’s environmentally friendly! Falconboard, a new material offered by Denver Print Company, is a fully recyclable, rigid, printable material which offers superior performance in most situations where foam board or Gatorboard would traditionally be used.

– Strong, flat, dimensionally stable, and rigid structural characteristics provide improved performance and excellent printability compared to other materials.

– Environmentally responsible material made primarily from renewable forest resources and is completely recyclable.

– Approved for the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) certified sourcing label, indicating renewable, virgin, and post-consumer recycled fibers.

 Designed for use in interior signage, three-dimensional displays, and applications where excellent print quality and rigid yet lightweight features are required.

– Structurally engineered for demanding roll media and mounting requirements as well as for the production of large 3D structures.

Falconboard is made from two card-stock paper faces pressed around a honeycomb paper core. The end result could be described as “the strongest cardboard you’ve ever encountered.” It allows for an incredibly rigid yet lightweight sign. Unlike its foam-based counterparts, Falconboard is extremely unlikely to bend or snap. It is made from renewable resources and, because of its paper composition, is 100% biodegradable.

falconboard corner view

The best of All worlds

Additional advantages of Falconboard include:

– Its construction allows the material to hold it’s flatness and rigidity even at larger sizes. This makes it ideal for larger indoor signage and free-standing 3D displays.

– Falconboard can easily be contour-cut to the shape of your design.

– It comes in varying thicknesses, allowing for unique design options.

– It just looks cool! – Check out the “Gallery of Falconboard Applications” on www.falconboard.com

falconboard side view

Note: Because Falconboard is made of paper products, we highly discourage it for outdoor usage, especially in harsh weather conditions. Even though it is a rigid sign, water can cause the honeycomb core to deteriorate in strength, causing the core to collapse. It is also possible for the surface of the board to be pierced or punctured if too much pressure is applied. Avoid placing objects on top of the sign.

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