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Custom LED Signs

Flexibility is the best feature of LED message display signs. With programmable custom LED signs, it is easy to update your business’s message on even a daily basis, if you desire. Announcing a sale or delivering a special message has never been easier.


If your business makes a change to its name or logo, there is no need for a new sign if you have with a programmable LED sign. Programmable signs allow you to easily replace the old branding with the new without the need for the costly printing, construction, and installation that a new sign would require.

led sign with denver print company logo

Greener than neon

LED light fixtures are also often used as a cheaper and greener alternative to neon signs. Many of the neon-looking “OPEN” signs that you see in store windows today are, in fact, LED. LED signs use up to 10 times less power than neon signs and, when factoring in both purchase price and maintenance costs, they are significantly cheaper over time. As an added benefit, LED signs are also brighter than neon signs. Their luminescence can be seen even in broad daylight.

The Denver Print Company’s professionals can construct a custom LED sign to meet almost any need. Contact us today!