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Awning Graphics

tres margaritas awning graphicsIf you want to go beyond simply displaying your company name on your storefront, you may want to consider awning graphics. Awnings are a platform for your company name and logo while also providing a vintage European-cafe look to your storefront and, of course, shade and shelter. If you so choose, an awning can be made an integral part of your branding.

Often, the choice of whether to go with an awning over a wall-mounted type of sign comes down to the types of signs that surrounding businesses have. Being the only store on the block with an awning can look fine, but being the only store without an awning on a street full of awnings can make your business stand out in a negative way. In the later case, it can be very important (and sometimes required) to choose an awning design that blends or matches the surrounding awnings. Denver Print Company’s sign experts will be happy to work with you to design an awning that meets any standardization needs.

The Benefits of an Awning

An additional benefit to awning graphics is that the entire size of the awning does not count towards the sign-size regulations in most municipalities. Only the area of the awning that is printed upon is counted. So with the correct base color choice, an awning can be larger and more eye-catching than would be allowed with other types of signs.

the aesthetics firm awning graphicsWe Can Do it All

Awnings typically are made from either canvas or vinyl. Denver Print can print on either material. Denver Print can also, at your choosing, be involved in any or all parts of the process. We plan, measure, design, print, fabricate, and install. If you already have an awning that just needs refurbishing, we can do that too.

For some types of awning construction projects, a permit may be needed. We are experts at pulling permits for sign installation and we would be happy to assist you with this part of the process as well.

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