Custom Inflatable Displays

Types of event signage such as banners, canopies, and tablecloths are certainly effective. They are so ubiquitous at some events, though, that it can be hard for your particular display to draw attention. At some point, all of those banner and canopies seems to just blur together. One way to stand out in the sea of banners and canopies is to use a custom inflatable display. Nothing beats an inflatable display when it comes to uniqueness and creative options. If they are done correctly, they can draw a lot of attention and be a beacon to event attendees. Let Denver Print Company’s professional design team and expert printers help you maximize the impact of your inflatable.

The two most popular options for custom inflatable displays are arches and inflatable tents. These can be customized with your company name and logo and other graphics of your choosing. Because the display space is three dimensional, the options for graphic messaging are much more than on a two-dimensional banner.  This also allows, of course, for your branding to be visible from many different angles at the event itself.

Inflatable tents provide a great option for, basically, setting up a room outdoors. For some product displays, there can be great advantages to having a tent that surrounds on all sides, instead of just providing shade. Allow your customers to come in out of the elements and immerse them in your brand experience.

custom inflatable dragon displayInflatable arches are commonly used for starting and finish lines at races or simply as a dramatic entryway to an event. They offer high-visibility and visual impact, space for additional marketing, and – like inflatable tents – are much easier to set up then their pole & fabric counterparts.

custom inflatable pumpkin displayCustom Inflatables

Custom-shaped inflatables are another inflatable display option for your event. Instead of just having a standard arch or tent, you could have a blow-up version of your actual product, or something else attention-grabbing. Any shape from as simple as a ball to as complex as a car can be represented in inflatable form. If you can imagine it, Denver Print Company can design, print, sew, and inflate it into existence.

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