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Car Top Signs

Not Just for taxi cabs anymore

taxi cabs with car top signsIt began as a simple way to clearly announce that a car was a taxi and to indicate whether said the taxi was available or not. Then, one day, somebody realized that those cute little car top triangles were prime advertising space. And car top signs were born.

Taxi companies still use car rooftop signs or course, but many other types of businesses now do as well. Denver Print Company has produced car toppers for a wide variety of small and large businesses.

The most common users of car top advertising are pizza delivery restaurants, food delivery services, and driving schools. Taxi companies sell advertising space on their car toppers nowadays too. Many, many types of businesses take advantage of this valuable exposure. Spas, restaurants, and home services are a few of the industries for which this type of advertising is very popular.

pizza delivery car top signMagnetic Car Top Signs

Whereas the car top signs on taxis are typically attached to the roof with screws, other businesses that use roof-top advertising usually don’t want something that permanent. The alternate option is magnetic car top signs. These attach to the car roof with strong magnets, and can be easily removed when not needed. For a pizza delivery place, this allows them to keep a smaller number of signs for just the drivers who are working on a particular night. (It’s likely that the drivers themselves wouldn’t be keen on having a car top sign permanently attached to the roof of their personal vehicle anyway.)


Permanently-installed car tops signs typically come with lighting installed and wired into the vehicle’s electrical system. Even removable car toppers can be illuminated. If you choose a light-up sign, it will come with a chord that can be run through the car window to plug into the cigarette lighter.

Sign Design

Something to keep in mind for car top signs is that they often will only be seen by potential customers for a brief moment. For this reason, the design of these signs must be something that will quickly grab the attention of a passerby and deliver just a couple vital pieces of information, such as company name and either a phone number or web address.

Denver Print Company’s expert team of designers know how to design such a sign. For this type of advertising, it would be a worthy investment to have one of our design professionals create the perfect attention-getting sign for your business.

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