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corrugated plastic sign board

Corrugated Plastic Sign Board

Corrugated Plastic is an inexpensive sign option for short term out door signs and a long term solution for interior signs.  Our signs come in several shapes and sizes and our experts are here to help get you the right sign.  Denver Print Company specializes in the design and print of custom large indoor and outdoor signs. Plastic signs are great for law offices, political campaigns, barber shops, auto repair shops, construction companies and cell phone repair shops.  We have made signs for marijuana dispensaries, restaurants, auto sales dealers and RV retailers there is not better quick solution than a custom plastic sign.  Our process uses a state of the art flat bed printer that can print on hundreds of different substrates, thicknesses and shapes.  Corrugated Plastic comes in a variety of thicknesses each project requires a different consideration for weight, shape, finish and mounting.

Out door sign

Corrugated Plastic signs make great temporary outdoor signs, the material is also used by yard signs.  The sturdy material can withstand the elements and holds its print for several years, it has been increasingly popular due to the drop in price for the material.  This material can easily be attached to metal or wood posts, hung on any surface with the appropriate anchors and screws, hung from the ceiling using clips and stings. The applications for the materials are truly endless.

Designing Your sign

Corrugated signs are often temporary sign solutions for new retail locations or office buildings typically a simple logo or company name is what is used on the sign.  Denver Print Company has the staff to handle your custom design needs quickly and affordable. We specialize in sign design, banner design and print marketing.