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Color Options for Custom Coroplast Signs for Dazzling Versatility


If you’re considering getting custom Coroplast signs for your business or event, one important factor to consider is the color scheme. On top of accessorizing your Coroplast signs, choosing the right colors can make a huge impact on how effective your sign is at catching people’s attention and conveying your message.

Luckily, there are plenty of color options available for you to choose from when it comes to creating custom Coroplast signs. Whether you want something bold and eye-catching or more subtle and sophisticated, there is sure to be a color combination that will work for you. In this article, we’ll explore some tips and tricks for choosing the perfect color scheme for your custom Coroplast signs, so that you can create a dazzling display that gets noticed by everyone who passes by.

Understand the Psychology of Color

You’ll want to choose colors carefully because they can have a big impact on how people perceive your custom Coroplast signs, which are also called corrugated plastic signs. Colors carry meaning and symbolism, which can vary depending on cultural influences. For example, in Western cultures, the color red often represents passion or danger, while in Eastern cultures it’s associated with luck and happiness.

When selecting colors for your Coroplast sign, consider what message you want to convey. Blue is often associated with trust and professionalism, making it a great choice for business signage. On the other hand, yellow is a cheerful and optimistic color that can draw attention to your sign, mostly used for outdoor signs like lawn signs, real estate signs, or even signs for special events.

Experimenting with contrasting colors can also be effective in grabbing attention and creating visual interest. Consider pairing complementary colors like blue and orange or green and pink to create eye-catching contrast that will make your custom Coroplast sign stand out from the crowd. With careful consideration of color psychology and experimentation with contrasting hues, you’ll be sure to create a stunning sign that effectively communicates your message.

Experiment with Contrasting Colors

Imagine how eye-catching and dynamic your message will appear when you mix and match contrasting shades on your personalized signs. Playful combinations of colors can leave a lasting impression on anyone who sees them, making them more likely to remember what you’re promoting. Experiment with unexpected pairings such as bright yellow and deep purple or neon green and vibrant pink for an attention-grabbing effect.

Contrasting colors are particularly effective when you want to highlight specific text or graphics on your Coroplast sign. For example, pairing white lettering against a black background creates a striking contrast that draws the eye towards the message itself. The use of complementary colors like blue and orange can also create an energetic feel, perfect for advertising events or promotions.

When using contrasting shades on your custom corrugated plastic signs, it’s important to consider the surrounding environment in which they’ll be displayed. If the area has a lot of visual stimulation already, incorporating too many different colors may overwhelm viewers instead of drawing them in. Keep in mind that sometimes simplicity is key, so try experimenting with different color schemes until you find one that works best for your message and location.

Consider the Surrounding Environment

When considering the surrounding environment for your custom Coroplast sign, there are a few key points to keep in mind. First, you’ll want to ensure that your sign matches the background it will be placed against. This will help it blend in seamlessly and make it easier to read from a distance. Additionally, creating contrast with the surroundings can help draw attention to your sign and make it stand out. Finally, if your sign will be displayed in low-light conditions, using colors that pop can help ensure it remains visible at all times.

Matching Your Sign to the Background

To truly enhance the impact of your custom corrugated plastic sign, consider selecting a color that complements and blends seamlessly with its background. Color coordination is crucial since it can either make or break your signage’s visual appeal. Choosing complementary colors for both the sign and its surroundings not only creates a more polished look but also helps draw attention to your message.

When deciding on a color scheme, take into account the dominant hues in the surrounding environment. For instance, if you’re placing your sign near lush greenery, you might want to use cool shades of blue or purple to create contrast and make it stand out. On the other hand, if there are warm-toned buildings nearby, using earthy colors like brown or orange can help blend it better with its surroundings. By matching your sign’s color palette to its background, you’re making sure that it will effectively communicate its message without clashing with other visual elements in the area. With this in mind, let’s move on to creating contrast with the surroundings for even more striking results.

Creating Contrast with the Surroundings

Now, you can make your sign stand out even more by creating contrast with its surroundings. One effective way to do this is by using complementary colors. This means choosing hues that are opposite each other on the color wheel, such as blue and orange or red and green. By placing a sign with complementary colors against a background of the opposite color, you create an eye-catching contrast that makes your message pop.

Another option for creating contrast is incorporating bold hues into your custom corrugated plastic sign design. Bright colors like yellow, pink, and turquoise are attention-grabbing and can help draw people’s eyes to your message. Just be sure to use them strategically so they don’t overwhelm the overall look of your sign. With these tips in mind, you’re sure to create a sign that stands out from its surroundings and captures the attention of passersby.

When it comes to using colors that stand out in low-light conditions, there are some important considerations to keep in mind.

Using Colors that Stand Out in Low-Light Conditions

Achieving visibility in dimly lit areas requires careful consideration of the shades and tones used in your sign’s design. This is where reflective options and neon hues come into play. Reflective materials can bounce back light from headlights or streetlights, making your sign visible even in low-light conditions. Neon colors, on the other hand, are naturally bright and eye-catching, making them perfect for catching attention even when it’s dark outside.

When choosing colors for your corrugated plastic sign, it’s important to keep in mind the environment where it will be placed. If your sign will be up at night or in an area with poor lighting, incorporating reflective options or neon hues can help ensure that people see it. However, using too many bright colors can also make a sign appear cluttered and overwhelming. Opting for a simple color scheme can still make your sign stand out while maintaining a clean and professional look.

Opt for a Simple Color Scheme

There is a wide variety of color schemes so it’s important to choose a simple color scheme for your custom Coroplast signs to achieve a clean and polished look. A minimalistic design with neutral tones can create an elegant and timeless appeal which could be effective on sale signs or election signs that will catch the attention of passersby. When you opt for a simple color scheme, you avoid overwhelming your audience with too many colors that may distract them from the message you want to convey.

Moreover, using only a few colors can also help you save on printing costs, which is ideal if you have limited resources but still want to produce high-quality Coroplast signs. You can choose colors that complement each other, such as black and white or blue and yellow, to enhance the overall impact of your signage. By keeping it simple, your message will stand out without any unnecessary distractions.

Using a simple color scheme doesn’t mean sacrificing creativity. In fact, incorporating different shades of one or two colors can add depth and dimension to your signage. Additionally, by limiting your color choices, you can use color strategically to convey emotion or mood in ways that wouldn’t be possible with too many competing hues. For example, choosing red for urgency or green for eco-friendliness can communicate messages instantly without any text necessary.

By choosing a simple color scheme for your custom Coroplast signs, not only will they look clean and polished but it’ll also help cut down on printing costs while still allowing room for creativity. With strategic use of colors conveying emotions like urgency or eco-friendliness becomes easier than ever before!

Use Color to Convey Emotion

Now that you know the benefits of opting for a simple color scheme, let’s dive into how you can use color to convey emotion on your custom Coroplast signs. Color symbolism plays a significant role in how we perceive and understand different emotions. For example, red is often associated with passion, love, and excitement, while blue conveys calmness and trustworthiness. By choosing the right colors for your message, you can evoke specific emotional responses from your audience.

When designing your custom Coroplast sign, it’s essential to consider color harmony. This refers to the way colors interact with each other and create an overall pleasing aesthetic. If you choose colors that clash or don’t complement each other well, it can detract from your message’s impact. On the other hand, when you select colors that work together harmoniously, they enhance each other’s effects and make your sign more visually appealing.

Using color to convey emotion is a powerful tool in creating effective custom Coroplast signs. By understanding color symbolism and choosing colors that work together harmoniously, you can create an impactful message that resonates with your audience on an emotional level. So don’t be afraid to play around with different color combinations until you find one that works perfectly for your message!


So there you have it, a guide to choosing the perfect color options for your custom Coroplast signs. Remember to consider the psychology of color and experiment with contrasting colors to make your sign stand out. Also, take into account the surrounding environment and opt for a simple color scheme if necessary.

But most importantly, use color to convey emotion. Whether you want to evoke excitement, trustworthiness, or professionalism, the right combination of colors can do just that. So don’t be afraid to get creative and play around with different shades and hues until you find the perfect match for your brand or message. With these tips in mind, your custom Coroplast sign is sure to dazzle and impress all who see it!