World Cannabis Week Denver Colorado - Denver Print Company

World Cannabis Week Denver Colorado

Daniel Garza

What an exciting weekend for Denver Colorado as we openly welcome hundreds of out of staters interested in the budding cannabis industry.  With an estimated 30,000 Cannabis Cup attendees, 50,000 420 Rally festival attendees and countless other concerts and events happening around the state, Colorado has found a unique opportunity to drive tourism.  As the people flood into Colorado the local dispensaries are all looking to capture those out of state dollars and the attention of event attendees.  Some of the heavy hitters such as Frosted leaf, Mahatama concentrates and South West Alternative care are making heavy investments into marketing materials that will pay off for the entire year.  It is not uncommon for a dispensary or edible company to spend a years marketing budget on 4/20 alone.  Along with the increase in sales for dispensary and edible companies other local small businesses such as printers, graphic designers and sign shops are buzzing with a flood of business from the marijuana industry.  Denver Print Company is experiencing a 300% increase in sales for the month of March and April in 2014 and the owners don’t see any sign of the trend stopping “we have been pulling double shifts in all departments to keep up with the demand for high quality prints” When asked if they think other print shops are equally as business the manager Lance Bowen proclaims ” we offer a unique mix of design, signs and digital printing all in house. I do think all shops are equally as busy infact we have fielded several calls from other shops in town asking if we could handle additional work” the medical and recreational marijuana industry is having a wide spread effect on hundreds of small businesses and without a doubt helping the local economy grow. ” this year we added 3 new jobs and it looks like we will add an additional 3 jobs by the end of april” explains Lance.