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Denver 420 rally 2014

Daniel Garza

Denver 420 rally 2014 milestone

This year the Denver 420 rally will be held once again in Downtown Denver among the very buildings where the law was signed into law.  For several years now a peaceful rally has been held at 4/20 every year, and at 4:20 that day the park is filled with a plum of peaceful green smoke. In 2013 the dreams of those peaceful protesters was finally met with an overwhelming amount of support from local voters and A64 passed in a state vote.  A64 allows for the recreational sale and  consumption of marijuana to anyone in the state with a valid ID and is 21 or older. There is undoubtedly plenty for everyone in the state of Colorado to celebrate and 420 is the day to let loose and light one up.  Because the voices have been heard and change has been successfully implemented, 2014 will see the rally transformed into a Colorado festival.  The first of its kind in the country and with all eyes on the organizers and citizens, the need for this event to go smoothly is paramount.

We are honored to be the official printer of the Denver 420 rally this year and look forward to growing with this event every single year.  Over 100 custom printed pieces will be custom designed and printed at Denver Print Company, when meeting with the organizers of the rally they emphasized the importance of using a local printer to produce all the materials for the rally. As the official printer of the Taste of Colorado, Denver Comic Con, Dragon Boat Festival and already providing the Medical Marijuana industry with high quality printed materials on time we were a perfect fit.