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Comic Con Printing – Convention Printing

Daniel Garza

Comic Con Printing – Convention Printing Denver

Printing for large conventions is not easy work, in fact the process can be quite exhausting physically and mentally.  But one thing the Denver Print Company has mastered is the flow and process for producing large amounts of banners and signs for festivals and conventions.  There are several pitfalls associated with planning the flow, direction and understanding of conventions, the task is so important to the experience that convention goers could base their whole opinion on this one aspect of the event.  In 2013 the Denver Comic con struggled with line management, flow, and directional signage, with Denver Print Companies help those issues were almost completely eliminated. The approach taken by our management team was to walk the entire facility with the convention organizers and make suggestions as well as note the needs of our customer.  Whenever possible we put ourselves in the perspective of the end user, the convention attendee.   We discovered several things when taking that approach as well as reviewing the complaints expressed to the convention organizers from users of facebook and other review websites.  Staring from the experience of 2013 we were able to make leaps in a matter of minutes to improve the customers experience.

Building a better convention.

When we partner with a company or brand we want to see that customer fulfill all of the possibilities it sets out to accomplish.  We knew from our past conversations with the organizers that this year they wanted to solve the issues with lines and directional signage.  With the event growing by almost double from the previous year, it was on everyones minds throughout the entire planning process that this year had to be the best.  As you can see from the photo attached there were several signage opportunities that only happened because of the suggestions and input from the Denver Print Company team.  When we make a real difference our customers know that they have a partner in the printing and signage business.