Though not the most exciting type of sign, ADA signs and braille signs are a necessary and important part of doing business in the United States. As part of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, it became a requirement for all commercial buildings to post appropriate wayfinding and room identification signage.

many types of ada signs

Over the years, Denver Print Company has helped many businesses with their restroom signs, stairwell signs, exit signs and more. We would be delighted to help you too.

The rules regarding ADA signage are lengthy, but in general, any sign identifying the following must comply:

* A room with a permanent function, such as . . .

– Restroom

– Kitchen

– Electrical Closet

– Boiler Room

* Architectural structure, or directions through a building. For example . . .

– Exits

– Stairwells

– Hallways

* The handicapped-accessible features of a facility

Signs that are for other purposes, such as advertising or displaying a company name or logo, are exempt from ADA compliance.

ADA Sign Design Requirements


Along with the requirements regarding which signs must be ADA compliant, there also many requirements regarding the design of ADA signs. In short, nothing fancy allowed. High contrast, no-glare, and easy-to-read type are just a few of the design rules. There also rules regarding upper and lower case letters, margins, the use of braille, how much the type must stand off from the background, sign size, symbols used, and how and where the sign must be mounted.

We know that you have better things to do with your time than to research all of the ADA sign requirements.  Let Denver Print’s sign experts handle all of the logistics for you. We can come to you building or office to evaluate the space and tell you exactly what ADA signs you will need.  

When it comes to the design, we’re experts at that too. We’ve done many ADA signs and we can easily meet all of the design requirements. There is some space for design choices within the ADA design requirements. There are, for example, a number of different fonts and background colors that can be used. You can make these choices, or if you’d rather us just handle all of the details, that works too.  


Not All Braille Signage is ADA Signage

hands on a braille sign

While most ADA signs are required to include braille, not all braille signs are ADA signs. Sometimes, braille signage is not legally required but is simply for the benefit of your visually-impaired customers. With these types of signs, we can use any type of design. Denver Print Company has the experience and resources to create any type of braille message that you need.

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