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Denver Print Designs for St. Patrick’s Day Parade

st patricks day parade drummers

This year marks the 55th anniversary of the Denver St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Some say that the parade, held Saturday the 11th in downtown Denver, is the largest non-sports-related gathering of Colorado residents every year in one place. If you head down to to the event this weekend, make sure to pick-up a copy of the official parade magazine, which was designed this year by Denver Print Company’s own designer, Corinne Idler.

Corinne did a fantastic job on the project, making us doubly proud to be playing a part in this Denver institution. Click […]

Presidential Design

toy campaign rally

In the spirit of the season, a few Denver Print Company graphic designers sat down to discuss and critique some designs from past presidential campaigns. Just as with any design project, the quality of the graphic design will not make or break a presidential campaign, but it can certainly either help or hurt. Good design projects confidence, while bad design can make a candidate look unprepared and unprofessional.

Design tastes and standards have changed over the years, of course. What was top notch in 1960, might look ridiculous today. Just as interesting as the design choices here, is the evolution […]

Customer Focus: Tres Margaritas

tres margaritas sign

The Tres Margaritas restaurant chain is a shining example of the immigrant dream come true. For the nine Morales kids, the realization of this dream has provided financial success and the opportunity to return home and help those who stayed behind.

As children, the nine Morales siblings, six girls and three boys, slept on mats on the floor of a two bedroom house on their small ranch in Cuatla, Mexico. After school, they worked in the fields. Today, each of them owns at least one restaurant.

Nicolas Morales crossed the border into the United States when he was just 17 […]

Imagine There’s No Borders

"no borders" written in clouds

It isn’t hard to do.

We know it’s easy to put them there. We know that they look good on your computer screen. We know that they take all of that great design work that you did and enclose it in a neat little frame, separating it from the rest of the clutter on your monitor.

And we also know that they often don’t come out looking right when printed.

While borders may look good in some design scenarios, Denver Print Company encourages you to forget about them entirely.

“What?!” You say, “But … sometimes it […]