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Halloween Decorating with DPC

denver print company halloween jack-o-lantern

Decorating for Halloween can be a lot of fun. With such a wide range of options that fall under the “Halloween decor” umbrella, there is a lot of room for creativity. You can go with a theme that’s anywhere from fun-and-family-friendly to disturbingly-macabre.

Still, once you have accumulated a variety of spooky adornments, there is a tendency to just stick those things in a box and use them again and again, year after year. In other words, it’s easy to get stuck in a Halloween-decorating rut.

We are here to help pull you […]

Morbid with a Mission

dumb ways to die wall graphic

If you have traveled on RTD in recent months, you may have seen their adorable jelly bean faces (and if you’re hip to viral video trends, they might even look familiar). They’re often smiling, despite the fact that each of them is meeting a unique gruesome demise.

These cuddly and not-so-bright characters are part of a mass-transit public safety campaign, captivatingly titled “Dumb Ways to Die.” The campaign originated in Melbourne, Austrailia in 2012 as an animated music video and soon became a worldwide viral hit and Cannes award-winner.

From the website of McCann […]

Denver Print Designs for St. Patrick’s Day Parade

st patricks day parade drummers

This year marks the 55th anniversary of the Denver St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Some say that the parade, held Saturday the 11th in downtown Denver, is the largest non-sports-related gathering of Colorado residents every year in one place. If you head down to to the event this weekend, make sure to pick-up a copy of the official parade magazine, which was designed this year by Denver Print Company’s own designer, Corinne Idler.

Corinne did a fantastic job on the project, making us doubly proud to be playing a part in this Denver institution. Click […]

Presidential Design

toy campaign rally

In the spirit of the season, a few Denver Print Company graphic designers sat down to discuss and critique some designs from past presidential campaigns. Just as with any design project, the quality of the graphic design will not make or break a presidential campaign, but it can certainly either help or hurt. Good design projects confidence, while bad design can make a candidate look unprepared and unprofessional.

Design tastes and standards have changed over the years, of course. What was top notch in 1960, might look ridiculous today. Just as interesting as the design choices here, is the evolution […]

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